Help for a persistent bed-wetter

Bed-wetting is long associated with psychological or discipline problem. However, new studies indicate bed-wetting may be a sleep disorder. Approximately 15 percent of five-year olds still wet their beds and boys outnumber girls. Here are some steps to take to address the issue.

Explain in very simple terms what happens when the bladder is full. Also make the connection that the brain send signals to the bladder telling it’s time to empty.
Help your child to empty his or her bladder completely before going to bed each time. Make sure they empty the bladder completely. Make them understand the importance of emptying the bladder completely every night before going to bed.

We adults go to bed long after our kids. So, before you go to bed, wake up your bed-wetting child completely and make them go empty the bladder completely. Make sure your child is completely awake.

Bed wetting is also associated with constipation. Help your child with a laxative such as flax oil, fruits and yogurt to make it easy for them to go.

For a persistent bed-wetter, try new pad that is available in the market. These pads set off a buzzer when a drop of urine touches the pad.

Measures to prevent children drowning

Now that outside weather is getting warmer and we are approaching summer, backyard pools are getting ready. Drowning is the leading cause of death for children under the age five. There are things we can do to prevent accidental drowning. Here are few ideas that you can easily implement.

  • Never leave your child unattended near any body of water.
  • Even if your child taking swimming lessons, don’t assume that he or she is capable to protecting themselves from drowning.
  • If your child is playing near any body of water, don’t assume any barriers such as fences or walls that are built to comply with Building Codes will protect your child. You need to comply with all other requirements such as locking gates to protect them entering the body of water.
  • Avoid placing toys that attract children near or in any body of water.
  • Inspect barriers such as fences, walls, latches and others regularly.
  • Learn emergency procedures such as CPR.
  • Place cordless phones or install phone near any body of water and have all emergency numbers posted near phones.
  • Teach kids basic prevention methods such as floating on the water but don’t rely on their knowledge for them to take care of them when they are in the water.

Teaching your kids about money

It is not what or when to teach your kids about money and finance. It is an essential part of raising kids. So, think of ways you can get them involved.

You may have kids in deferent age groups. So, whatever you are trying to teach them about money should be age appropriate.

Take your preschool age kids with you to the grocery store. Show them the difference in price for the same item. Or better yet play the “super market” at home and play with few coins with different values. When they are in Kindergarten or elementary, you can start with an allowance and teach them how to save and grow the pot.

When kids grow older you can increase the intensity of their financial education. Take them on your visit to the mall and ask them to use their allowance for their purchases. Make sure to add an additional allowance for the mall trip.

When they are in high school they should learn about checking and savings accounts. Many financial institutions have accounts specifically for kids. If your kid has a part time job, having an account is the best. They will be on their way to college with a wealth of financial information.

How Sports Teach Kids Life Skills

Summary: Sports are a great way for your kids to stay active while developing a lot of life skills that will help them as they grow up.

It is no secret that team sports help promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Running, sweating, and moving around are crucial for having a healthy body. There are many of other healthy habits and mindsets that kids can start to practice while playing sports with others, which makes it all the more important to get your children involved in some sort of activity.


It doesn’t matter if you are playing soccer, basketball, or hockey. If you are participating in a team sport you will need to communicate with your teammates if you want to win. There simply is no way to win an entire game if you do not work together with the others in your group. As the saying goes, “There is no ‘I’ in ‘team.’” This is important to remember, because working as a team requires being able to take a step back and figure out how you can help others and work together.

Team sports are a great way of teaching people how to collaborate, coordinate, and communicate with one another to work towards achieving a common goal. When you purchase a team uniform for your kids you are not simply picking up new clothes, you are giving your children an opportunity to engage in an interactive and educational environment.


When kids start to go to school, join clubs, and eventually start working, they need to be able to follow a schedule. Having your equipment cleaned and ready to go, showing up to practice on time, attending matches, and giving it your all are crucial if you want to improve in any given sport. Being able to do these things all require a sense of self-discipline and making sacrifices to progress.

Sometimes exercising, going through drills, and running through plays over and over again can not only feel repetitive, but also tedious. By staying committed to a sport, your kids are actually learning how to organize their time, handle responsibilities, and put forth their best effort.

Handling Setbacks

When people play sports they are competing to win. Winning is enjoyable and ideal, but it’s tough to win all the time. Losing a point or game is nearly inevitable, but kids will learn that those experiences are simply a part of the sport. If a play does not go according to plan, a football player would not storm off the field and refuse to continue playing. Quite similarly, when off the field, those who play sports should not shy away from challenges when things don’t work out. Developing thick skin and being able move past setbacks to focus on their long-term goals will help your kids as they continue to grow and try new things.

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How to Child-Proof Your Home

Summary: There is no debating that parents want what’s best for their kids. There are some simple, yet effective ways to make your house safer and more child-friendly to prevent injuries.

Cushioning Furniture

Humans are naturally curious beings, which is why toddlers and kids love to explore. When your baby is learning how to crawl they will naturally want to roam around. Tables may appear harmless but they can be particularly dangerous for babies and toddlers just getting used to crawling or walking around on their own. The corners tend to be sharp and can hurt if your kid bumps into or falls onto one. A very inexpensive way to prevent accidents from occurring is to purchase corner guards. These guards are often made of foam cushion and slide directly onto most table corners. They are both soft and sturdy, so coming into contact with it will not harm you and knock it off.

Another common issue parents may run into is the possibility of their kids slamming doors. A child’s hands or feet could get seriously injured if they accidentally close a door on them. An effective way of handling this is to invest in foam door stoppers. Stores like The Foam Factory offer affordable stoppers that actually prevent doors from slamming. These stoppers attach onto door frames and act as buffers that keep the door from fully shutting.

Off Limits

A very simple trick to child-proofing your home is to limit where your child is allowed to roam around. If you have items in another room that can be dangerous to children or you simply do not want your child to have access to the stairs, purchasing a gate may be a very wise decision. There are wooden or metal gates that attach to the bottom of doorways that can only be opened via the unlocking mechanism found on the top. These child-safe gates are a few feet tall, which means that babies and toddlers will not be able to easily open or knock them down.

An often overlooked danger that exists in almost every building is the electrical outlet. Most people are wise enough to understand that the large amounts of electricity running through the outlets are not to be played with. Kids, on the other hand, do not fully comprehend that they can get badly electrocuted if they tamper with outlets. To prevent your child from putting anything in an outlet you should purchase outlet covers. These covers can protect your child from such injuries because they require you to slide a plastic cover to the side before the outlet becomes accessible.

Three Reasons Parents are Choosing Organic Kids Clothing

Parents are increasingly making the switch boys and girls organic pajamas to provide healthier lifestyle choices for children. Truly organic clothing has organic fibers and natural dyes, but it also follows an organic manufacturing process designed to remove toxins and reduce chemical usage. There are many reasons why a parent might choose to live the organic lifestyle, but these are three major ones to keep in mind.


Girls and boys organic pajamas are more affordable than you might think. As demand grows, more farmers and manufacturers switch to organic production and the costs get lower. Organic was very niche, but today organic is far more mainstream. Prices rival brand name items made with toxins and harmful chemicals, so they present a safer alternative.


There are some companies masquerading as organic, but many proudly display labels certifying clothing as organic based on certain standards. Some may even carry special logos on the tags for kids organic pajamas, so be sure to investigate before you buy. Also, if you do some research online you’ll come across numerous standards bodies with more information on what to look for. The bottom line is that being truly organic is very easy to identify.


Organic farming focuses on sustainability, and reduces the use of pesticides. Some natural pesticides, and treatments, are used, but the focus is on reducing the toxic chemicals that are frequent in factory farming. Sustainability also has long term benefits for the planet.

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Why More Parents are Choosing Organic Fabric Pajamas for their Kids

Kids organic pajamas are fast becoming a trend among new parents because of the health benefits these parents believe they provide. What’s the deal with organic cotton, and why are so many parents starting to see it as a big deal? Read on if you’re curious about helping your child breathe and sleep better at night.

Organic Cotton Benefits

Kids organic cotton pajamas are very soft on baby’s developing skin. The organic cotton doesn’t use chemicals to process, which cuts down on allergies and smells a bit more pleasant to boot. In addition, it’s believed that organic cotton can prevent some respiratory problems because of the lack of chemicals used.

There are also environmental benefits to going organic with your fabric selection. Girls organic pajamas have a lighter footprint than their non-organic counterparts. Farmers don’t use pesticides, so it cuts down on noxious fumes in the atmosphere. Cotton is also heavily fertilized in many cases, so organic cotton can help improve the quality of the land being farmed over time by using less chemical fertilizer.

In addition to healthier farming from a lack of exposure to pesticides and chemicals, farmers also save money when they grow cotton for boys organic pajamas. Chemically enhanced cotton is more like cotton candy for insects, and the crop is prone to pest assaults. Farmers who grow organic don’t deal with the same level of insect siege, and are able to spend less defending against them while keeping more of the crop.  

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Tips to Remember When Training a Pitbull Puppy


Training blue nose pitbulls can be a difficult task for a novice dog owner. Before you bring home your new blue nose puppy, read these tips to better prepare yourself for his or her upcoming training.

Patience and Hard Work

Training your pitbull puppy requires an immense amount of patience and care. Without either, your pup could develop bad habits and can possibly even hurt someone – this goes for all types of dogs. Be sure that you prepare a vocabulary list that everyone can use. For example, if the word “down” is constantly being used in your household, your puppy will begin to notice these trends and with some guidance, will either jump off the couch or sit. However, don’t use variations of the same word interchangeably as it’ll only result in confusion. Have you noticed how certain dogs just won’t react to the word “sit”? Most of the time, their owner has trained them with a different word.

Consistency is Key

A pitbull puppy’s intelligence far surpasses expectations. And, when properly trained, you could eliminate the need to even use words. When you consider bringing home that pitbull for sale, think about how you’re going to go about your training regimen. Stay consistent with the vocabulary that you use and don’t abuse the “treat” system. Reward them when they perform a task that’s deserving of a treat. You could potentially spoil them too much, and they’ll eventually see a treat as a routine.

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Water safety for kids

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Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for kids under five years of age and second cause of death for kids under 14 in the United States. Two most important anti-drowning measures are education and vigilance of kids. The National Drowning Prevention Alliance recommends three measures to prevent drowning.


Safer water – Access control is important for backyard pools as well as all bodies of water and many local jurisdictions require certain safeguards by law. Upper locks for all openings to water, fencing around pools, spa covers, alarm to indicate when surface water tension is broken are some of the suggested safe water measures.

Safer kids – Educating kids not to go near water bodies without an adult or adult supervision is the best education. Kids should also learn how to save a struggling kid in the water without entering the body of water. They should be familiar with 911 calling procedure for help. Learning how to swim is the best defense against drowning.

Safer response – This includes among other things learning CPR for adults. Also adults should learn how to rescue someone from the bottom of the pool. Adults as well as kids should be familiar with emergency calling including 911 calling.

How to Figure Out What the Little Ones Want This Christmas

If you are having a difficult time understanding what items to buy for your children for Christmas, then you need to do some detective work. First, you can take your children to the nearest shopping mall to sit on Santa Claus’s lap while making sure to listen to what they say. Santa Claus always wants to know what to bring children on Christmas morning. After you make a list of what your children asked for, look for a discount website with your computer to order the items as quickly as possible.

Write a Letter To Santa Claus

When you don’t live near a shopping mall, have your children write a letter to Santa Claus. You can help them write the letters, making it easy to notice what they want for Christmas. Rather than paying full price for the requested toys and CDs that your children want for Christmas, look for online discount shopping stores to save money. With this method, you can afford to give your child a few surprises in addition to the requested gift.

Watch Television Commercials

Sit next to your children while they are watching cartoons or other television shows created for children. These types of television programs frequently have commercials for games and toys that children enjoy. By listening carefully, you will know what your children want for Christmas, making it easy to look for discount online shopping codes to reduce the cost of the gifts that you want to buy.

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Debate over childhood vaccinations

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A recent measles outbreak that started in Disneyland, California quickly spread over to several other states in the United States. Not just measles, it is igniting a debate over the entire regiment of childhood vaccinations including mumps, rubella, diphtheria, meningitis, polio, tetanus, and whooping cough. The debate mainly revolves around measles due to the recent outbreak and parent’s refusal to vaccinate their kids. Some parents are opting out of the required childhood immunizations due to various reasons including religious convictions. However, many believe that they are compromising the health of other children.


Children immunity is built over a longer period of time. If children are not vaccinated during the first few years of child’s life, they lose the extra help getting from vaccinations to fight childhood diseases. Contrary to popular belief, childhood vaccinations do not cause autism. However, any vaccine could cause side effects not just childhood vaccinations. But considering the beneficial impacts of vaccines, they could be considered very minor. In order to protect children health, no vaccine will be given to a child with known reaction to certain vaccines and its content. Not having your child immunized against various diseases, you not only put your child in danger but also other children who come into contact with your child.

Is your child carrying too much in a backpack?

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Heavy backpacks that children carry every day to school has been a concern of parents and teachers. If the backpack is poorly designed, improperly packed and worn out, chances are that it may affect your child’s health and wellbeing. Chiropractors and other healthcare specialists are seeing stress disorders, spinal instability and nerve related issues in children due to backpack use. If not treated or action taken as early as possible, conditions may affect the adulthood.

Some educators are urging legislators to take action to require redesign and control book weight, adopt maximum backpack weight limits and other remedies such as providing an extra set of books for the home. As a parent you can take some steps for backpack safety.

  • Use a backpack with wheels, if practical
  • Buy a backpack with shoulder straps and lumbar support and teach your kid to wear both
  • Place heavy items on the bottom
  • Pack only what is needed
  • Teach your child to bent at knee when lifting the backpack
  • Never allow your child to lift or carry more than 15 percent of his or her body weight in a backpack
  • When buying a backpack, make a wise investment by buying a reputable and reliable brand.

The best gelato toppings

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Just the like myriad of gelato flavors that exist, so do toppings that go with them. And just like the standard set of flavors you are sure to get at any gelateria, you can expect the same with toppings to be purchased with the ice cream shop supplies. While the list can vary from country to country, these few should include what most consider classics:


The perfect caramel topping will have a sweet taste that won’t overpower any flavor. It should melt in your mouth. The best part is that if you serve coffee, this can be used for those too.

Hot fudge

This is probably the most popular topping. A good hot fudge topping will have a rich flavor and texture that goes with any ice cream or gelato. The real draw is the warmth of the fudge against the cold of the gelato.

Peanut butter

This is one of the toppings that goes best with chocolate, unlike the others in this list which go with any flavor. It can also lead to an overly sweet dessert but it still high on the list of favorite toppings.

Whipped cream

No list would be complete without whipped cream. It is a perfect foil or rich flavors. It can also bring something that is overly sweet back to neutral.


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