How to Practice Natural Dental Health in Your Own Home

It is possible to practice natural dental care in your own home, and a Glendora holistic dental facility can help with the process. With natural dental care methods, you will stop using the toothpastes and mouthwashes that have artificial dyes and man-made chemicals that have dangerous toxins. You can learn how to make natural and delicious toothpaste from baking soda, coconut oil and wintergreen extract. It is simple to mix the ingredients for a refreshing mouthwash by using peppermint oil along with distilled water and baking soda.

Closeup of a happy woman with a bright, white smile getting her teeth checked

Closeup of a happy woman with a bright, white smile getting her teeth checked

Use a Bamboo or Wood Toothbrush

When you visit a Glendora family dental practice twice a year for checkups, ask the dentist to recommend the best natural dental care products. Several manufacturers formulate natural mouthwash, toothpaste and toothbrushes. Instead of buying a toothbrush with a plastic handle, you can find natural toothbrushes that have handles made of bamboo or wood. The bristles of these toothbrushes are frequently made from boar hair rather than plastic that contains toxins.

Using Digital X-rays To Reduce Radiation Exposure

A Glendora orthodontist can straighten your children’s teeth by using holistic methods that include avoiding the use of X-rays or removing healthy teeth from the mouth. If a holistic dentist needs to use an X-ray, then a digital format is preferable because it produces 50 percent less radiation. A holistic orthodontist will find a way to keep healthy teeth inside a patient’s mouth by using braces or aligners that do not emit toxins that cause health problems.
Glendora holistic dental office Ecco Dental changes lives with revolutionary holistic dentistry, including metal-free orthodontics.

Explaining Divorce to Your Child or Children

If you have decided to split up with your spouse, you may be concerned about how the impending divorce will affect your children. But by carefully crafting the message you send and monitoring your kids’ well-being, you can help ensure that the negative impact is minimal. This advice comes from a reputable family lawyer in Long Beach, Ca.


  1. Show a United Front

By sitting down and telling your kids together, you set the stage for a successful family relationship moving forward. This is critical, according to a Long Beach family Law Attorney, as you’ll be co-parenting together for several years to come.

  1. Keep it Simple

While how much your child will understand depends on his or her age, a clear, simple message is best. Be sure to express that this step does not impact either parent’s love for the child, and that they will now have two homes where they can feel comfortable and safe.

  1. Acknowledge Feelings

Reassure your child that it is OK to feel sad and angry. Encourage them to talk about their feelings with either of you or another trusted adult. Counseling can be helpful to help ease the transition to the new situation.

When planning to divorce, it’s important to consult a family attorney, even if the split is amicable. A good attorney can help plan for any contingencies that arise. If child custody issues have come into play, consulting a child custody attorney Long Beach is essential.
Riley Khorram is a compassionate Long Beach family law attorney with experience and professionalism.

Pit Bulls and Children: a Guide for Parents and Owners

Written  by: Iron King Kennels

Looking for a companion for your children? Pit bulls make great pets for families.

If you listen to the news, you don’t need to dig far for some horror story about a dog biting a child. Those stories usually don’t cover the full story, though.

From the moment you buy them, blue pitbull puppies should be socialized to the world around them. Families who ignore their dog, or who treat their dog with disrespect, tend to raise a depressed animal. To guard against this, some pitbull breeding experts have even begun drafting contracts that they make potential buyers sign. These contracts outline what the owner needs to do to take care of the dog, and include an agreement to return the puppy if the owner is unable to fulfill those obligations.

If you’re bringing a pitbull into a home with children, there are a few things you can do both before and after the dog arrives that will ensure your family forms a strong bond with the new addition.

The First Four Months

Responsible red nose pitbull breeders will spend a good deal of time getting a new puppy acclimated to his or her surroundings. The dog might go on car rides, become exposed to crowded sidewalks, or play and frolic around with young children. Within the first four months of life, your dog’s social skills are formed. It’s critical to keep children and dogs together, so both can get used to the other. During this time, it’s best to limit your puppy’s exposure to your own family. After 6 months, you should start socializing them for the general public.

If you follow these guidelines, your puppy will have a fully formed sense of the world around him or her. That will make it a lot easier to take your dog for a walk casually.

Creative Ice cream packaging ideas


Written by Gelato Products

You may produce the best tasting frozen desserts but, if customers never select your products, your desserts will never get sold. One of the main reasons customers may not be selecting your products, could be due to poor packaging. Here are some creative ways to get your products packaged.

  1. Dessert tubs – You could package your desserts in colourful frozen dessert tubs. If your product is targeted at children, your tubs should be colourful and include a fun character/ cartoon/ animal, that will help kids identify your brand. One the other hand, for a premium product, choose colours such as black, dull gold and silver, which depict luxury. For a value based family dessert, choose light colours to increase the size of your package. Select colours such as white, light pinks/ yellow of blues.

  1. Serving sizes – When selecting your tubs ensure that your serving sizes are adequate for your target market. For example a product marketed to kids, should come in small containers, typically one serving size. Children will usually eat their desserts on the go, therefore offer coloured plastic spoons with your tubs. For a premium dessert brand small tubs are best, as they depict high quality. For a family value dessert, larger size tubs, will highlight the product’s value in terms of cost.

  1. Add on’s – Customers always like to get something more for their money. One great add on is attaching topping packs, that are attached to your tubs. You could also include small toys or keepsake items. For example, a product marketed to children, could offer a frozen yogurt spoon, that is temperature sensitive.


Gelato Products is a supplier of ice creams spoons and other products for Gelateria owners.

Understanding the Business Aspect of Running an Ice Cream Shop

The realistic outlook of an ice cream shop is shrouded in pure mystery. Your business plan and brand exposure are what could potentially lead you to a successful campaign.

GelatoProduct1Learning to run an ice cream shop of your own requires both preparation and trial and error. If you jump in with a lack of a business plan, there’s a high likelihood that you’re going to come out with a significant loss of capital. You’re going to need to be smart about what you invest in, and where you invest.

Ask yourself how much you’re spending on your ice cream shop supplies. If you’re overstocking and are continuing to purchase the most expensive supplies that are on the market, then you’re essentially throwing your money away. Stock up, but be sure that you don’t overdo it. You can also save a good amount of money by inquiring about large quantity purchases. Many suppliers will offer you a discounted price depending on the amount that you are purchasing. This way, you can overstock but you won’t need to send out another order for a longer period of time.

Are you catering to the public? To gain reputation, you need a product that is not only creative, but would also be considered in high demand. If your flavors are all non-fat, then you’d be catering more to the health-conscious crowd as opposed to a higher-fat, more flavorful product. You can even label your ice cream cups with a slogan that caters to that specific crowd that you’re targeting.

If you’re in the market as an ice cream shop owner, you signed up knowing that the odds would be stacked against you, yet your sheer determination pushed you into opening one. By taking precautionary measures and branding yourself correctly, your shop could begin gaining exposure and become more successful.

Gelato Products offers a large selection of gelato supplies such as gelato spoons, ice cream spoons, frozen yogurt cups, and more.

Why Spoons Make All the Difference

By Gelato Products

spoonsWhen you think about what makes a restaurant work, a lot of different factors most likely come to mind. Among them would obviously be the very product being sold: the food. Obviously, the ambiance and customer service provided are important as well. No restaurant has ever done well without thinking through all these ingredients and making sure they are presented to customers properly.

However, don’t forget about the utensils. It’s so easy to take this kind of thing for granted, but it truly is a difference-maker you can’t afford to overlook. Take a gelato shop, for example. Everyone knows that the gelato they serve takes center stage, but that’s far from it, right? You also need colored plastic spoons to offer your customers. Most just go with frozen yogurt spoons, which is fine, but you still have to go the extra mile to ensure that your customers will be blown away by what they find.

To be fair, many won’t even notice your effort, but that’s kind of the point. You don’t want to distract from the amazing gelato you have to offer. So picking utensils that don’t steal attention away from the main prize is the best possible scenario you could hope for at your store.


No matter your specific goals, if you’re running a gelato shop, then you want to use Gelato Products to cover each and every one of your needs: from tasting spoons to bowls and anything in between.

How to Keep Kids Coming Back to Your Shop

By Gelato Products

No matter what your specific goals are for your gelato shop, they most likely include lots and lots of profits. You may have other ones as well, but obviously, you need to make money from this venture. Given the product you sell, it should come as no surprise that you’ll probably see plenty of children coming through. Kids make great gelato customers.

Galato Products4Don’t take them for granted though. Kids still have a sense for quality and they’ll be turned off if you don’t give them that very thing. The right frozen yogurt suppliers are vital in this regard. If your product doesn’t taste good and/or you don’t have a large assortment of options to provide them with, you’re not going to see much profit for very long. Obviously, adults aren’t going to put up with this either.

Then there are the ice cream shop supplies you need to invest in too. While kids will definitely appreciate plenty of flavors that each taste amazing, you have to have good supplies to go along with them. Kids don’t want to taste the plastic from their spoon, the paper from their cup or any other problem that comes from using cheap supplies.


Whatever you need for your gelato business to succeed, from ice cream spoons to napkins to pans and more, you’ll find them at Gelato Products, but also provided at an affordable cost. They have what it takes for your shop to become a success.

Common types of coffee

Written by: Gelato Products

When you’re shopping for coffee shop supplies, it’s important to know what kind of coffee you’re going to make. Drip or French press? Percolated? Coffee is so common today that we take it for granted, but there’s honestly a lot of different ways to use coffee beans to get your caffeine fix. Here are the most common ones:


1 Drip coffee is the most common type of coffee: you heat up water and drip the water over ground, roasted coffee beans that are collected in a filter. This is the type of coffee made by every household coffee maker and most coffee shops. This is a lot like making tea. The hot water collects the oils and and nutrients in the coffee as it filters down through the grounds and drips into your coffee pot. This is also probably the easiest method for making coffee.

2 Cold brew coffee is becoming more and more widely known. You roast the coffee beans just like normal, but then when you grind them down, you don’t grind them quite as fine. Instead of the usual powdered coffee grounds we use to make drip coffee, you want rougher grounds to cold brew coffee. Also known as French press coffee, this type of coffee is made by soaking the rough grounds in cool or cold water for a long time, up to twelve hours. Then the grounds are filtered out, which is easier because they’re not a fine powder like regular grounds. This type of coffee usually seems a bit sweeter because it contains less acid. Nowadays, people just drink it cold out of paper coffee cups.

3 Espresso, commonly sold in shots, is made by forcing near-boiling water through densely packed coffee grounds in small amounts. The result is a very highly concentrated liquid made up of the coffee’s essence, which is emitted from the espresso machine in a reddish-brown foam. You can add water to the espresso (known as an Americano) to get something similar to regular coffee, but the flavor will be much different. Espresso itself is responsible for more other types of coffee, like a latte, which is espresso mixed with steamed milk. Another variation is a macchiato, meaning “stained milk,” which is where you add only a little bit of espresso to regular milk. For added sophistication, procure some custom printed cups to daintily drink your espresso from.


How early should a child learn to swim?

Article Written by : Inexpensive Wedding Ideas

Within a ten year period from 1999 to 2010, more than 14,000 young children less than 19 years old drowned according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. One skill that a child should obtain early in their young life is swimming. It is essential for their safety as well as enjoying water related activities and gives them a skill that they can cherish all throughout their lives. Regardless of age everyone should learn to swim. Swimming can open up a whole new way of excitement for everyone, not just kids. But kids enjoy swimming more than anyone else and it is best to learn as early as possible.


How early should a child learn to swim? Experts are all over the map on this issue. Today parents start their kids in the water as early as six months old. Normally kids become competent swimmers when they are 6 or 7 years old. Starting early give parents and children a sense of safety in the water.

How long will it take for a child to learn swimming? Learning depends on many factors including a child’s mental and physical endurance levels, parent’s enthusiasm and involvement, and others. As a general rule, children learn to swim quickly. Not just swimming they should also learn water safety too.

Finding the Right Bedding for Children with Sensitive Skin

If you have a child with sensitive skin, you’re probably a seasoned veteran when it comes to battling various rashes and illnesses. However, many parents are stumped when their child suddenly develops sensitive skin due to allergies, chicken pox, or any other number of childhood illnesses. Bed linens can accumulate a variety of irritants and allergens such as dust mites and pollen that can irritate skin over time, even after being washed. There are a variety of solutions and fixes that can help your child get the rest they need without having to miss out on vacations or weekend trips to see Grandma.


Thread Count & Treatments


It’s important to choose sheets that are resilient enough to handle high temperatures, but soft enough to be comfortable at night. Cotton fabrics with a thread count between 200 and 400 are best and can be found in almost every brand and style, from standard solid sheets to luxury bedding sets. Be on the look-out for anything that indicates the sheets have been chemically treated. “Wrinkle-free” treatments sometimes use formaldehyde resin and can be a significant concern for children who are chemically sensitive.


Wrinkles & Fit


Many people laud softness as the key to peaceful sleep, but the fit of your sheets does have an effect. You may feel like you’re turning into your mother, but helping your child learn to keep their fitted sheets flat and neat can reduce risk of rash and soreness. If you travel often, take some time to find out what works best and vacuum seal back-up bedding to use when visiting family or going on vacation.


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