Setting up a Frozen Yogurt Station at a Restaurant

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Summary: Looking for a boost in revenue for your restaurant? Try this.

What do Dickies, Soup Plantation and a Chinese food restaurant all have in common? Frozen yogurt supplies. Adding frozen yogurt to your restaurant buffet might be exactly the bump you need to bring in more family business. If you’re looking for ways to draw more customers in, or to switch to family style eating, a built in dessert bar with soft serve might be exactly what you’re looking for.



The first thing to check is whether you have plenty of supplies for guests to use. You won’t need tasting spoons with a simple two-flavor soft serve, but you might if you feature more than a few flavors. Failing that, you can provide tasting cups. Also consider whether or not you want guests to be able to take their treats home with them. Most restaurants will serve whatever the guest will eat while on-site, but there are take-home cups if you want to offer that option as an upsell. Washable dishes are best for regular restaurants, but Dickies puts theirs in cones or in the company’s plastic cups.


Froyo isn’t as good if you don’t have lots of yummy toppings to put on top of your creation. Froyo shops will go all out, with a selection of fruits and baked goods customers can put on top of their frozen yogurt cups. Chocolate and caramel sauces are other popular offerings, with some places even offering marshmallow cream in a squeezable tube.

Common ingredients include crumbled up Oreos, brownies, bananas, muffins, M&Ms and other smaller candies. Once you’ve got a decent selection of 5 or 6 toppings, you should be ready to serve.

Cleaning and Rotations

The soft serve machine gets pretty messy pretty quickly if you don’t stay on top of cleaning it. The machines drip constantly, and the toppings can become disheveled pretty quickly. Especially if kids are around. Don’t count on well-meaning parents, arrange for members of your staff to walk the area and give everything a rub down with the towel to clean it. Make sure you also have staff ready to stock frozen yogurt supplies, refill topping stations and mind the sauces.

Final Thoughts

Families want a full meal that’s affordable, and buffet style restaurants offer that service at a decent price. Adding a soft serve machine is a sure fire way to draw in more of that family business at a relatively small cost of operation.

New ways to straightening teeth for kids

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Kids require much attention especially dental corrections during their early childhood. Braces and wires have been the favorite form of teeth straightening in the past. With the advance of new technologies kids are feeling much better with their new teeth straightening solutions. Invisalign is a virtually none visible teeth straightening treatment for kids and kids at heart. The treatment has been developed by orthodontists. It uses a series of clear and removable aligners. It helps teeth to gradually move to desired position giving kids a reason to smile during as well as after treatment. Invisalign is manufactured and marketed by Align Technology, a multinational medical device maker headquartered in San Jose, California.


Practitioners claim that the treatment is comfortable for kids to wear. It still requires once a month or once in two month visits to the orthodontist for new aligners. The average treatment time is about 18 months compared to years with traditional treatments. Invisalign is removable and therefore, kids can enjoy their favorite food while getting the treatment. Contrary to the popular belief, Invisalign treatment is successful for treating minor teeth alignment to moderate and severe conditions and to correct crowding, spacing, overbite, under bite, deep bite, and open bite.

Using an ice cream stand to teach children economic values

Beginning your child’s economic education early is a great way to help them prepare for their future. Many children grow up without an understanding of spending, saving, and earning money. When they reach a stage in their lives where it’s necessary to have this knowledge, trying to learn it all at once can be challenging and discouraging. Using a simple ice cream and coffee stand as a learning tool is a fun way to teach your children strong economic values.


Starting with the concept of budgeting, one idea is to explain to your children that they can only spend a set amount of money on their coffee and ice cream shop supplies. Once at the grocery store, help your child learn about price tags and comparing products to get the most for their money with a calculator. These are all great lessons to help your child understand currency and value.

Next, you can help your child set up their stand and introduce them to the idea of sales. Keep in mind that they will benefit from the use of simple language and small amounts of information at a time. It’s also helpful to use specific examples to illustrate the concepts you’d like them to understand. Keep them involved in the process by giving them hands-on activities. Set them up at a station to give cups of coffee and tasting spoons of ice cream to customers while you serve. You can also help them accept money and make change for customers.

Once you and your child are done selling, you can work together to count the money that was made. This is a good time to introduce the concept of profit to them by explaining that some of the money they made has to cover the cost of the materials they originally bought. It might be helpful to split up the money to show them specifically where it all went. For example, you can show them how much was spent on the ice cream bowls separately from the coffee cups and lids. You can then show them that the money left over is their profit.

Depending on the age of your child, there are many other economic topics you can explain using a fun activity like an ice cream and coffee stand. Spending versus saving, interest percentages, and investing are all important economic values you can teach your child when it’s the right time. Using positive and encouraging language will keep your child motivated to continue learning.
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How to Rearrange You Son’s Bedroom as He Ages

How to Rearrange You Son’s Bedroom as He Ages

Written by: BeddingStyle

Summary: Here are some tips to help you change the style of your son’s bedroom.

As your son gets older, he’s going to want a particular style for his bedroom that will likely change over time. Earlier years are often marked by cool stuff, like dinosaurs and super heroes, while early adolescence brings an interest in coordinating and neatness. Right around 12 or 13, you might want to consider painting the room or swapping your boys bedding for newer and more mature styles.

Consider Colors Before Patterns

When you’re repainting the room, consider how your colors will coordinate with the bedding and curtains. Nautica bedding has a lot of blues and grays, which are very easy to build tonal patterns around for interior design. , You could even add decals to adhere to walls? You don’t need much artistic talent to adhere stickers to the wall, and they are affordable. You’ll be glad when your child’s tastes change every other year. You can even order custom decals if you find a bedding set you like and want to do something similar on the walls or closet door.


Both boys and girls bedding are easy to store, and don’t take up too much space. You might consider a crate you can keep in the hall closet to keep things organized, but they aren’t as large as some of your other sets. Vacuum packing is an option, but you should be careful to read manufacturer instruction related to cleaning and long term care first. With proper care, luxury bedding can last a lifetime so you may have something you can pass down to kids.

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Considerations for Children’s Bedding

When it comes to bedding, children share some of the same needs as adults. They benefit from soft sheets and cozy covers, and often care about the style too. There are a few other things to take into consideration, though, when shopping for children’s bedding.


Girls bedding, for example, sometimes comes with embellishments. It’s important to make sure these won’t interfere with your child’s quality of rest. If, for example, a comforter contains a lot of buttons, these may cause your child discomfort, and consequently, a restless night.

Since children are often prone to spills and unexpected messes, it’s a good idea to look at the materials used and the suggested care of new bedding before you purchase. You’ll want to find durable fabrics, like cotton, to ensure extended use of the product. For care, it’s most economical to be able to wash the bedding in your home, instead of having it professionally cleaned.

Children may enjoy picking out their own bedding, and many brands have plenty of options. It can be a fun experience to shop with your child, and let them choose bedding that displays things they love like their favorite cartoon character. If you’re looking for a design that’s more subtle, however, Nautica bedding and many other brands boast plenty of classic choices.

Whether your daughter wants sheets that are bright green or your son has chosen a boys bedding package featuring his cartoon hero, making sure the materials are soft and durable will help make sure your child is well-rested.

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Obey school speed limit for children safety

Article Written by : Hollywood Heat

Schools are in full session. Motorists navigating around schools and parents who are coming and leaving the schools should pay attention to children more specifically to the posted speed limits. The group known as the Safe Kids Worldwide says that two-thirds of drivers exceeds the posted speed limits 30 minutes before and after the school opening and closing. Here are some safety tips for kid’s sake.


  • Always obey posted speed limits when approaching and leaving a school zone.
  • Distractions are number one reason for accidents. Texting or using a cell phone while driving is more dangerous and some states prohibit these activities altogether, not just in school zones. There are other distractions such as eating, drinking and other activities. We all should avoid all these distractions for sake of our children especially within school zones.
  • Avoid dropping your child at a location where he or she has to cross a street to get to the school.
  • There are rules you need to follow when you are behind a school bus. Stop for loading and unloading of kids from school buses.
  • Driving behind parked cars should get your undivided attention and pay special care for children who are playing on the street.

Buying Bedding for a Child’s Room

Written by: Bedding Style

Summary: Here are tips to help design a child’s bedroom.

We all need bed sets to sleep, and while it doesn’t make for the most exciting gift on a child’s list it’s still very important. The job of buying bedding often falls on the shoulders of parents and grandparents, and it’s not an easy task to get children animated over their bedrooms. Especially boys. Here are some tips to help you turn designing the bedroom into something fun that your kids will want to be involved with.


Themes are Fun

Girls bedding comes in a variety of colorful themes, some even matching cartoon or comic characters. Themes are a fun way to get your children thinking about concepts like color coordination and interior design. These themed pieces come at a cost, but you can always find sale goods to fit what you need. Shop around online if you’re worried about the price.


Hypoallergenic luxury bedding might seem excessive, but it’s a healthy alternative for kids. Especially younger kids with under developed immune systems. These sets help reduce the chances that our beds hold harmful bacteria, and they are made using fibers that don’t carry a risk for allergies. Younger children have a hard time sleeping through the night as it is. Don’t make the bedroom a traumatizing place, prevent allergies from ruining your child’s sleep.

Final Thoughts

Your environment plays a role too. Colder places, or places that see four seasons, are more likely to require heavier or warmer bedding. You might consider at least two sets, one for winter and another for summer.

Begin to communicate with your child

The single most important skill that you need to promote with your child is communication. It helps you to improve your child’s behavior, play, and his or her social activities. Children who can communicate are less likely to cry, morn, scream and protest. That is because they can communicate their needs, wants, likes and dislikes. Many parents do recognize the importance of communication.

There are multitudes of ways parents can improve a child’s communication skills. First, parents should understand that communication is not just words and sounds. Eye contact, gestures, facial expressions, smile, and even postures are mediums of communication. Children use these intelligent ways to communicate long before they speak a single word.

Avoid catering to child’s needs immediately. Do not guess their needs. Let them work for it. This develops not only their motor skills but also other skills such as eye contact, vocalizing and many other skills. A simple tickle of the feet of a child can be good two way communication. Hold your hands and wait for a smile before the second tickle performed. That simple smile comes from your child is a great communication between you and your child and it can transform his or her communication skills for years to come.

Kid created nightmare for parents

A student loan can ruin a kid’s relationship with his or her parents. Whether it is private or public, college education is not cheap and many students get student loans and parents co-sign for loans. Some do discuss the student loan payment responsibilities with their kids and others presume that loans will be paid back by the person benefiting from the loan. If there is no clear understanding where the responsibility lies, it could later ruin the relationship with parents, often time co-signers for student loans.

Any delay in repayment of a student loan or non-payment affects the co-signers credit score and goes on their credit report. Student loans cannot be wiped through bankruptcy either. Late payment notices arriving at co-signers home affect their health and well-being. One advice for parents and college students, review amounts you need for college and what will be your earning potential after college. Look for student loan after you exhaust all other free financial help. Work while in college to reduce dependency on student loans. Plan ahead, together with your parent’s help before you sign on to a student loan. If you get into trouble, there are services that may help you to manage your debt including student loans.

How to Buy Bedding for Boys

Written by: BeddingStyle

Summary: Choosing bedding for boys presents a different kind of challenge than choosing bedding for girls.

Shopping for boys can be either very easy, or almost too difficult. Boys and young men are almost notorious for providing little information on what they actually want. It can be even more difficult when it comes to choosing boys bedding for teenage and adolescent years. Before your young son goes off to school, choose some bedding that will last throughout college.

Colors Matter

Boys tend to like darker or neutral colors, which matches well with sets of Nautica bedding. This brand is heavier, with a modern feel that presents grays and blues tastefully. The darker colors will also help keep your teen warm during the summer months, and the price tag isn’t as high as other brand names. For something durable that contains natural fibers, Nautica is a decent brand.

Weight Affects Temperature

Tommy Bahama bedding tends to have a tropical theme, but it’s lighter fabric too. Some of the sets are linen, which have the highest breathability of all fabrics for bedding. That lightness can also be misleading. Silk, for instance, is a very light fabric that traps body heat well. Be careful when you’re ordering bedding for boys as they may be warm sleepers with a higher body temperature.

Final Thoughts

Heat and durability are probably the two biggest concerns you should have when shopping for boy’s bedding, with brand a distant third. Brand tends to matter, but only insofar as its overall effect on the room. If you have a keen eye for brands, by all means look to match your choices with their styles.

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