How to Child-Proof Your Home

Summary: There is no debating that parents want what’s best for their kids. There are some simple, yet effective ways to make your house safer and more child-friendly to prevent injuries.

Cushioning Furniture

Humans are naturally curious beings, which is why toddlers and kids love to explore. When your baby is learning how to crawl they will naturally want to roam around. Tables may appear harmless but they can be particularly dangerous for babies and toddlers just getting used to crawling or walking around on their own. The corners tend to be sharp and can hurt if your kid bumps into or falls onto one. A very inexpensive way to prevent accidents from occurring is to purchase corner guards. These guards are often made of foam cushion and slide directly onto most table corners. They are both soft and sturdy, so coming into contact with it will not harm you and knock it off.

Another common issue parents may run into is the possibility of their kids slamming doors. A child’s hands or feet could get seriously injured if they accidentally close a door on them. An effective way of handling this is to invest in foam door stoppers. Stores like The Foam Factory offer affordable stoppers that actually prevent doors from slamming. These stoppers attach onto door frames and act as buffers that keep the door from fully shutting.

Off Limits

A very simple trick to child-proofing your home is to limit where your child is allowed to roam around. If you have items in another room that can be dangerous to children or you simply do not want your child to have access to the stairs, purchasing a gate may be a very wise decision. There are wooden or metal gates that attach to the bottom of doorways that can only be opened via the unlocking mechanism found on the top. These child-safe gates are a few feet tall, which means that babies and toddlers will not be able to easily open or knock them down.

An often overlooked danger that exists in almost every building is the electrical outlet. Most people are wise enough to understand that the large amounts of electricity running through the outlets are not to be played with. Kids, on the other hand, do not fully comprehend that they can get badly electrocuted if they tamper with outlets. To prevent your child from putting anything in an outlet you should purchase outlet covers. These covers can protect your child from such injuries because they require you to slide a plastic cover to the side before the outlet becomes accessible.