Tips to Remember When Training a Pitbull Puppy


Training blue nose pitbulls can be a difficult task for a novice dog owner. Before you bring home your new blue nose puppy, read these tips to better prepare yourself for his or her upcoming training.

Patience and Hard Work

Training your pitbull puppy requires an immense amount of patience and care. Without either, your pup could develop bad habits and can possibly even hurt someone – this goes for all types of dogs. Be sure that you prepare a vocabulary list that everyone can use. For example, if the word “down” is constantly being used in your household, your puppy will begin to notice these trends and with some guidance, will either jump off the couch or sit. However, don’t use variations of the same word interchangeably as it’ll only result in confusion. Have you noticed how certain dogs just won’t react to the word “sit”? Most of the time, their owner has trained them with a different word.

Consistency is Key

A pitbull puppy’s intelligence far surpasses expectations. And, when properly trained, you could eliminate the need to even use words. When you consider bringing home that pitbull for sale, think about how you’re going to go about your training regimen. Stay consistent with the vocabulary that you use and don’t abuse the “treat” system. Reward them when they perform a task that’s deserving of a treat. You could potentially spoil them too much, and they’ll eventually see a treat as a routine.

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