Water safety for kids

Article Written by : I Europe Fashion

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for kids under five years of age and second cause of death for kids under 14 in the United States. Two most important anti-drowning measures are education and vigilance of kids. The National Drowning Prevention Alliance recommends three measures to prevent drowning.


Safer water – Access control is important for backyard pools as well as all bodies of water and many local jurisdictions require certain safeguards by law. Upper locks for all openings to water, fencing around pools, spa covers, alarm to indicate when surface water tension is broken are some of the suggested safe water measures.

Safer kids – Educating kids not to go near water bodies without an adult or adult supervision is the best education. Kids should also learn how to save a struggling kid in the water without entering the body of water. They should be familiar with 911 calling procedure for help. Learning how to swim is the best defense against drowning.

Safer response – This includes among other things learning CPR for adults. Also adults should learn how to rescue someone from the bottom of the pool. Adults as well as kids should be familiar with emergency calling including 911 calling.