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Help for a persistent bed-wetter

Bed-wetting is long associated with psychological or discipline problem. However, new studies indicate bed-wetting may be a sleep disorder. Approximately 15 percent of five-year olds still wet their beds and boys outnumber girls. Here are some steps to take to address the issue. Explain in very simple terms what happens when the bladder is full. […]

Television for children under Two will harm development

Research by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) show that media watched passively on television or computer screens by children under the age of two will delay the child’s ability to talk as well as hinder other areas of development. These guidelines were issued as a result of the surge in DVD’s targeting the 0-2 […]

Smart Whitening

Whether you plan on getting laser teeth whitening or you’re more interesting in the traditional methods of bleaching, there are some considerations to keep in mind. Not everyone will obtain the same results, and not everyone will necessarily be able to get the outcome they want. – Your cosmetic dentist won’t be able to make […]