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Buying Bedding for a Child’s Room

Written by: Bedding Style Summary: Here are tips to help design a child’s bedroom. We all need bed sets to sleep, and while it doesn’t make for the most exciting gift on a child’s list it’s still very important. The job of buying bedding often falls on the shoulders of parents and grandparents, and it’s […]

Film-Inspired Costumes for 2009

The latest box-office hits are always an inspiration when it comes to selecting Halloween costumes.  With Johnny Depp’s new movie “Public Enemies” in theaters now, we expect to see a new wave of costumes this year from the Roaring 20s, including gangster and flapper costumes. Set in the 1920s, Depp plays the real-life notorious bank […]

Baby Slings and Carriers

Parents have always searched for a practical way to accomplish daily tasks while still meeting the needs of their newborn child or toddler. Although this may seem like an impossible endeavor, babywearing is one possible solution. Babywearing consists of carrying your young baby in a fabric sling, pouch, or wrap that is placed over-the-shoulder. The […]