Baby Slings and Carriers

Parents have always searched for a practical way to accomplish daily tasks while still meeting the needs of their newborn child or toddler. Although this may seem like an impossible endeavor, babywearing is one possible solution. Babywearing consists of carrying your young baby in a fabric sling, pouch, or wrap that is placed over-the-shoulder. The child can be positioned lying down, upright, or facing in or out. There are slings that can be worn with your baby on your chest or hip, and there are baby backpack carriers which allow you to carry your child on your back. All types of slings and carriers, however, are designed to keep your baby close to your heart and your hands free. Thus, parents are able to do all of the usual daily chores, such as shopping, cooking, and light cleaning.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a baby sling or carrier, there are many types of slings and name brands to choose from. The following is a quick review of the two most popular brands, Mei Tai and ERGO. The Mei Tai (pronounced “may tie”) is considered by many to be a simple and easy-to-use carrier. While it is not as versatile as a wrap, your child can be worn on the front or back, and some people have even used it as a hip carrier. With the Mei Tai, your child’s weight is evenly distributed to your shoulders and hips. This type of carrier is suitable for newborn babies and children up to three years of age. Another popular brand, the ERGO baby carrier, has been compared to the Mei Tai in terms of comfort. There are several types of Ergo baby carriers, including a soft structured carrier, an organic carrier, and the Ergo Sport. These baby slings are recommended for babies five months old and up to 45 pounds. They are not recommended for babies who cannot yet hold their heads up. Both the Mei Tai and ERGO baby carriers are considered great backpack carriers.