The Learning Tower

If your child is ready to step up onto a new toddler step stool, you may want to invest in the Learning Tower. Although it may cost a little more than you were expecting to pay for a step stool, the Learning Tower offers an incredible list of features that you won’t find in a regular step stool—some of which are certainly worth the price.

While another childrens’s step stool offers a little boost, the large Learning Tower is created especially for kitchen countertops. The kitchen is a wonderful place for your child to watch you cook and prepare meals. It is designed with a durable platform that offers extreme flexibility so that your child can move around with ease. It offers four sides of support and a sturdy base to avoid flipping over when your child climbs in. But these amazing wooden step stools can also be used in other areas of the house, such as the family room or child’s bedroom. In addition, it can be transformed into a desk or a play fort.

Step Stools for Kids is proud to carry the Learning Tower in a variety of great colors including natural wood, dark cherry, ebony, soft white, apple green, royal blue, azure blue, apple red, and many more.