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How Sports Teach Kids Life Skills

Summary: Sports are a great way for your kids to stay active while developing a lot of life skills that will help them as they grow up. It is no secret that team sports help promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Running, sweating, and moving around are crucial for having a healthy body. There are […]

How to Coach Hitters in Baseball

Before any batter steps up to the plate, he must go through some coaching on how to hit a baseball. The stance a player takes, how a player starts and ends his swing, and even how a player approaches the plate can all affect his swing. Here are some tips to help coaches drill the […]

What Parents Need to Know About Kid Soccer Leagues

Before you sign your children up for a soccer league in your area, there are a few things all parents should be aware of. Etiquette on the field is important, but you should know who the important people are in your league, and find ways to volunteer. Remember that a soccer league is only as […]