How to Coach Hitters in Baseball

Before any batter steps up to the plate, he must go through some coaching on how to hit a baseball. The stance a player takes, how a player starts and ends his swing, and even how a player approaches the plate can all affect his swing. Here are some tips to help coaches drill the mechanics into their players and grow average hitters into home run superstars.
Video Tapes
In golf, when a coach tries to critique a player’s swing, video tape is used to record the motion. The coach can then go frame by frame, discussing how to alter the body and make adjustments for a better swing. Use the same concept for hitters in baseball. You as the coach should review the tape and compare it to the best hitters in the majors. You won’t be able to automatically turn someone into Mark McGwire, but you can try to adapt some of those techniques for your own team.
There are a number of drills you can practice with a hitter. Have players practice approaching the plate and showing their hitting stance. You can film each player to show them later how they approached the plate for a discussion. Try to avoid doing these drills in groups, where you may not be able to pay as much attention to any one player. Not all of these drills require equipment either. You can use a batting glove to simulate the plate, and players can just mime the motions they go through during a swing. Their stance should tell you a lot about how they will connect with the ball.
You can also run live hitting drills using a radar gun for baseball. With a gun, you can measure swing speed and show players where they can put more power into the swing.
Too many coaches get caught up in the idea that every player is unique. While this isn’t too far from the truth, it’s not a good approach to teaching swing mechanics. Some of the best players in the majors have a similar stance, or something basic about their swing mechanic. Isolate those traits through repeated study of their swings, then work on passing along the gold to your players.
Swing Speed
Baseball radar guns can measure more than the speed of a pitch. You can use radar guns with the bat to measure swing speed. It’s easy to bring radar guns to the batting cage and take measurements there. Once you have a good swing speed determined, you can work with your players on staying consistent. Mechanics are no good if you can’t hit them repeatedly.
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