Finding a baby sitter online

Many feel comfortable with finding a baby sitter the traditional way, through recommendations. It brings the added confidence and security. This is based on knowledge of the sitter as well as his or her family regardless of experience. Can all this be overcome and find a baby sitter online?

When your family and friends are far away and you are new to a community, Web may be your best bet to find a suitable baby sitter or childcare for your kids. Many U.S. cities provide reliable services for those who are seeking. Social media sites such as Facebook are playing a bigger role. Like in dating services on the Web, there are many reputable online services that find sitters mainly in large cities such as San Francisco and New York. Fees charged by these services tend to be higher than those charged by sitters you find through friends and family. Parents who are new to a community can start with an online service such as UrbanSitter and Some of these services are not just limited to baby sitters and they provide care givers for seniors, pets, and at homes. The U.S. childcare service is more than $47 billion a year industry and growing.