Practice triple teaching with kids

Kids learn by seeing, hearing and doing. Many kid friendly programs use this basic principal and have developed programs to help kids. This multifaceted approach makes a significant lasting change in kids. Kids especially in kindergarten and similar age have an unquenchable appetite for learning. They learn by watching others, listening and trying out everything they can get hold of.

In order to keep kids interested, programs should introduce new experiences in order to be proactive rather than reactive. This helps kids to keep their interest and develop their character. Any Kids program that includes showing, telling, and directing, promotes kids to develop their character and interest. So, instead of just delivering information to kids, help them develop their character with triple teaching.

Love and mentoring also helps kids to develop their character. Promote good habits with them and when you see bad habits, try and redirect their attention to correct that. Teachers and parents should provide the foundation for developing good habits that can last a life time. Show them love and they will pay it back with developing good behavior. Your guidance helps them to experience lifelong lessons and use them more creatively. Practice it at school and at home.