What Parents Need to Know About Kid Soccer Leagues

Before you sign your children up for a soccer league in your area, there are a few things all parents should be aware of. Etiquette on the field is important, but you should know who the important people are in your league, and find ways to volunteer. Remember that a soccer league is only as strong as the volunteers who support it. Read on for the things every parent should be aware of before signing kids up for a soccer league.

Finding a League

There are most likely affiliations in your area outside of the local school system. Your local park may have information on a youth soccer league on those fields, or the association office for the clubs in your area would also be a great place to start. Leagues are also separated into groups by age, so check the fees for your age group so you know exactly what you’ll pay for your child. Remember that the point of the game is to have fun, so try not to let yourself worry about a child’s skill level or age.

Basic Supplies

The clubs in your area will provide some of the basic “kits” necessary to compete. A kit, in this case, typically refers to team colors. Expect your fee to cover shorts and a jersey, but not much else. Goalkeeper gloves, for instance, are something a child would be responsible for on his or her own. You may also want to invest in shin guards, or a new pair of cleats. These pieces are basic, but still important to the game and your child’s safety.

Field Etiquette

Parents are often the first group to get out of a hand at a soccer game, the second begin the coaches themselves. If your first thought is anything other than “I enjoyed watching the game today,” you might need to check your ego and your attitude at the door. Try to pull up a chair and cheer your children on. If you have legitimate concerns about how the league is being run, try to talk directly with the coach or relevant league officials. Don’t rely on email, to many nuances of speech get lost in electric communications.

Soccer Camps

You may want to enroll your child in a soccer camp to increase skill level. This isn’t a bad thing, and it will help kids prepare for the rigors of soccer practice. You can also watch the drills and volunteer to coach in your league, since you will have a fair idea of how to prepare kids for the field.

Other Tips

Learning the rules of the game is one of the best things you can do to increase your own enjoyment of the match. You may also want to purchase a diadora soccer bag to carry your equipment in, for ease of transport in travel leagues especially. Travel leagues are also more competitive, so be sure your child is ready for next level competition before enrolling.


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