How to Host an Amazing Summer Kid’s Party

Want a real surprise treat for your child’s next summer party? Grab some frozen yogurt supplies and host a tasty ice cream party! Ice cream is a great way to gather family and friends together and cool off from the summer heat. Before you get overwhelmed with what you need and how to get it, try these tips to make your party a success.


An informal invite is usually enough to get people flocking to your gathering. Who doesn’t love ice cream, right?

Should you feel the need to do paper invites, you can print them from the Web for a cheap price. Use a home printer to save money, or search for coupons online to cover the printing costs.


Have your kids draw over white paper cups. You can save money on buying expensive and colorful summer cups, and you will have something to do the day or the weekend before the party. Just remember to draw on the cups with non-toxic markers so you can avoid health risks when people eat from them. Party streamers are another excellent idea with a small price tag. Try ordering colored plastic spoons if you want to spend some money on decorations. They are fun, festive and necessary.


Before the party, it’s a good idea to prepare some of your treats. You can pre-scoop the ice cream, so guests have to simply grab a plate and go, or you can crush up the treats to put on top. A sleeve of oreos or chocolate chip cookies is the perfect addition for most ice cream parties. Place them in the freezer before you plan to crush them, then use a rolling pin to pulverize them.

Topping Tips

Set up a bar for toppings, with small spoons that people can use to sprinkle your crushed toppings over their ice cream. If you are using cookies, set them out whole in a bowl and let your guests crush them or use them as spoons. You can also chop up fresh fruit like strawberries, or serve whole raspberries.


The day of the party, gather all of your supplies and bring it outside. You will enjoy the party a lot more when you’re able to sit under the sky and enjoy treats with friends and family.
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