Film-Inspired Costumes for 2009

The latest box-office hits are always an inspiration when it comes to selecting Halloween costumes.  With Johnny Depp’s new movie “Public Enemies” in theaters now, we expect to see a new wave of costumes this year from the Roaring 20s, including gangster and flapper costumes. Set in the 1920s, Depp plays the real-life notorious bank robber, John Dillinger, who spent his “career” running from police and breaking out of jails. In honor of Michael Mann’s Depression-era movie, we recommend these great costume ideas from Halloween Unlimited.

The Deluxe Gangster Man adult costume. This large pin-striped suit includes a double-breasted jacket and matching pants. For a complete look, wear it with a white tie and gangster hat, and don’t forget the toy gangster machine gun.

Flapper Costumes:  While any little black dress will with do for this fancy ensemble, it is the accessories that make this outfit genuine. Make sure that you purchase a bright-colored boa, flapper beads, fishnet stockings, and a feather head piece. Get deeper into character with other costume accessories such as a cigarette holder and a garter and gun set.
In addition to Roaring 20s costumes, Halloween Unlimited offers other era-inspired costumes, including 50s costumes, and much more.