Smart Whitening

Whether you plan on getting laser teeth whitening or you’re more interesting in the traditional methods of bleaching, there are some considerations to keep in mind. Not everyone will obtain the same results, and not everyone will necessarily be able to get the outcome they want.

– Your cosmetic dentist won’t be able to make your teeth look unnaturally white. This is probably a good thing, though!

– The full results of your treatment won’t be visible until approximately two weeks after the procedure. Keep this in mind if you’re having any other restoration work done that needs to match.

Cosmetic dentists generally need to replace restorations after bleaching, as they will not match the new tooth color otherwise.

– If you have recessed gums, the yellowish root won’t be easy to bleach.

– If you are nursing or pregnant, you should wait to have your teeth whitened. Swallowed bleach could harm your child.