Easy Healthy Snacks for Kids

Children are always hungry and thus appreciative of any snack that comes their way. The tastier and more fun the snack is, the more popular it becomes. However, do not resort to store bought or commercial snacks, which tend to be low in nutrition and unhealthy for your child. Here are some snack ideas:

– Peanut Butter – rich in protein and fibre. Put together funny-shaped sandwiches
– Bake muffins or breads with fruit or vegetable sneaked into them. Banana bread, carrot bars are top favourites.
– Whole-grain cereal – coupled with milk and fruit, you’ve got a winner with vitamins, calcium and fibre.
– Cheese – keeps energy levels high. Serve with whole-wheat crackers or cut out shapes.
– Eggs – serve hardboiled or scrambled. Provides 4 year olds with almost 1/3 of protein requirements for a day
– Yogurt – dress it up with fruit preserves, honey, coloured sprinkles. An excellent source of calcium.
– Pears – rich in fibre, try slicing it or making pear pinwheels.
– Noodles – a fabulous source of complex carbohydrates. Pick your child’s favourite shape and serve with veggies, cooked chicken and tomato sauce.
– Smoothies – kids love smoothies, and most importantly, they are packed with nutrients. Use vanilla yoghurt, orange juice and a banana as the base, then experiment with fruit. This might be the only way to sneak in two to three servings of fruit into your child’s diet.
– Snack – mix together a combination of nuts, pretzels, whole-grain cereal, popcorn and banana chips for a fun, portable snack.