Kids Goals – How Kids Goal Setting Can Start at a Young Age

A valuable lesson for kids of all ages is learning how to set reasonable goals that can be attained. With preschoolers, they can set simple goals with adults, and these can be drawn instead of written. It is important that kids set goals periodically throughout the year, and checked on its progress. They should also practise eliminating goals that are no longer applicable to them.

Children learn best by example – so set some goals for yourself and show your children how to set a few simple goals for themselves. Here are a few things to keep in mind when helping your children set goals:

” Take care when suggesting deadlines. For children, two weeks sometimes seems like an impossibly long time. Take into account the age of your child when talking to him about timelines.
” Help your children write their goals down, or if they are very small, let them draw it. Get them to also write down why this is important to them and what it will look like when it’s attained.
” Allow your children to come up with their own goals. If you must make suggestions, take into consideration their age and interests and especially the size of the goals. Kids need to see progress every day, so break down their goal into mini-goals.
” Help your child with his goal, but don’t take it over for him. Show interest and support, but don’t do it all for him.
” Set a goal or two for yourself as well, and work on it with your children side-by-side.