Digital Cameras for Kids

Kids love taking pictures, and a kiddie digital camera is a great idea for a gift. It is a great way to save pictures taken by your children and you can email their pictures to friends and family, and even post them up on a website.

A kids’ digital camera is fantastic because you do not need to spend money on film and developing pictures. You can choose the best ones and delete the rest. These cameras are ideal to keep your children occupied on trips and family outings or even for them to play with around the house.

A few things to look into when buying a kid’s digital camera:
” Expandable Memory – without expandable memory, the kids’ digital camera will allow only around 15 pictures. This is not so great, especially for the little owner of the camera. Check that the features list includes ‘expandable memory’ or ‘memory card’.
” Flash – this is a ‘must-have’ for indoor shots, otherwise, they will turn out pretty dark.
” USB Connection – don’t buy a kids’ digital camera with a serial connection. This makes your transferring process very slow. Instead, look for a camera with a USB connection.
” Megapixels – if the kids’ digital camera is less than on megapixel, then be prepared for low picture quality and blurry images. These will not look very good when printed out or developed.
” Viewfinder – try to buy a kids’ camera with a viewfinder. Kids love looking at the pictures they’ve taken. How many times have you taken pictures with kids, followed by a chorus of ‘can I see?’