Help for a persistent bed-wetter

Bed-wetting is long associated with psychological or discipline problem. However, new studies indicate bed-wetting may be a sleep disorder. Approximately 15 percent of five-year olds still wet their beds and boys outnumber girls. Here are some steps to take to address the issue.

Explain in very simple terms what happens when the bladder is full. Also make the connection that the brain send signals to the bladder telling it’s time to empty.
Help your child to empty his or her bladder completely before going to bed each time. Make sure they empty the bladder completely. Make them understand the importance of emptying the bladder completely every night before going to bed.

We adults go to bed long after our kids. So, before you go to bed, wake up your bed-wetting child completely and make them go empty the bladder completely. Make sure your child is completely awake.

Bed wetting is also associated with constipation. Help your child with a laxative such as flax oil, fruits and yogurt to make it easy for them to go.

For a persistent bed-wetter, try new pad that is available in the market. These pads set off a buzzer when a drop of urine touches the pad.