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Fun With Card Making Supplies

If you’re interested in starting your own arts and craft business or you’re just looking to increase your personal inventory of crafts, then there are many different supplies you could need. It all depends on what kind of audience you want to target or what kind of crafts you personally like to do. One item […]

Throwing a Personalized Party by using Personalized Napkins, Holders and other Decorations

Personalized napkins, napkin holders, decorations and themes are a great way to personalize any celebration, gathering or party. It gives the guests the idea that the hosts are classy enough to pour some time and effort into making the event something that will be worth remembering. People usually go to gatherings or celebrations for the […]

Kids and Money

Article by Raymond Albanian of Total Merchants Money is one thing that kids need to know how to value. It is important that they learn that money is something that is earned as opposed to something that is easily acquired. Parents should introduce the value of money at an early age so that they will […]

Vintage Jewelry: Grandma Bracelet

A mother’s bracelet is a great thing to give to a daughter as a sort of a coming-of-age type of gift. It has this unique and vintage feel to it that definitely gives it more value. It is common for jewelery to be passed on from generation to generation because jewelery is one thing that […]

Coin Dealers and Coin Collectors

People who would like to start coin collecting as a hobby should consult with coin dealers to find out what kind of collection they should start with. They can also be relied on to give them an approximate value of a coin. Coin dealers are coin enthusiasts who either trade, sell or collect coins as […]

Gift Ideas: Birthstone Bracelets, Earrings or Necklaces

Birthstone bracelets are great gifts to give to a loved one. Aside from bracelets, birthstones can also be made into rings and is a better alternative to a diamond ring as an engagement ring because it will give it more of a personal touch. Birthstones are unique and are not over rated like diamonds. Like […]