Vintage Jewelry: Grandma Bracelet

A mother’s bracelet is a great thing to give to a daughter as a sort of a coming-of-age type of gift. It has this unique and vintage feel to it that definitely gives it more value. It is common for jewelery to be passed on from generation to generation because jewelery is one thing that will never go out of style, even the really old ones. Rings are usually the popular type of jewelery that gets passed down from generation to the next, however, other types of jewelery are also passed down to the next generation, such as broaches, watches, necklaces and pendants or charms. If for any reason a family’s line is discontinued and a piece of jewelery has not been passed on to anyone, these jewelery end up in the possession of the government where they are auctioned and sold to the highest bidder. Which is why the best places to find authentic vintage jewelery are auctions, antique stores or thrift shops.

SD - GrandMother (Small)

A beaded mother’s bracelet is something that a teenager would not be reluctant to wear because of the beaded style, kids seem to prefer beads and jewelery that are made of thread or leather because they are hip and much more modern than traditional gold or silver jewelery. Grandma bracelet, earrings or necklaces should be reserved until they reach adolescence and they will be able to take better care of the jewelery. Jewelery is always a good gift to give because one can’t disappoint with jewelery.