Some parents would rather have their kids not watch television. Some do not even have a TV, while others battle with their children about how they watch too much of it. Here are some helpful hints on finding a healthy balance:

How much TV is not too much TV?

This depends on the family. An hour of TV per day would suit some families, while unlimited TV might not hurt certain families, considering the choice of programmes being watched.

Keep in mind that TV requires no physical activity. Do your children engage in a lot of other non physical activity? If most of their day consists of it, then you might want to cut down on it and urge them to spend more time playing and participating in more physical activities.

You can use TV as a quick morning activity, before your kids move onto more physical stuff during the day.

If your kids are very active, then use TV time as a wind down time, giving them a bit of time to relax before bed time. Keep in mind that you must monitor the programmes they watch very closely.

Which shows can they watch?

If you are unfamiliar with the programmes your children are watching, take time to watch a few episodes and determine if they are suitable for them. Some cartoons and family TV shows might look fine, but could possibly contain crude or sexual themes that are inappropriate for your children. The most popular children’s shows are not the most acceptable always.