Begin to communicate with your child

The single most important skill that you need to promote with your child is communication. It helps you to improve your child’s behavior, play, and his or her social activities. Children who can communicate are less likely to cry, morn, scream and protest. That is because they can communicate their needs, wants, likes and dislikes. Many parents do recognize the importance of communication.

There are multitudes of ways parents can improve a child’s communication skills. First, parents should understand that communication is not just words and sounds. Eye contact, gestures, facial expressions, smile, and even postures are mediums of communication. Children use these intelligent ways to communicate long before they speak a single word.

Avoid catering to child’s needs immediately. Do not guess their needs. Let them work for it. This develops not only their motor skills but also other skills such as eye contact, vocalizing and many other skills. A simple tickle of the feet of a child can be good two way communication. Hold your hands and wait for a smile before the second tickle performed. That simple smile comes from your child is a great communication between you and your child and it can transform his or her communication skills for years to come.