Creative Ice cream packaging ideas


Written by Gelato Products

You may produce the best tasting frozen desserts but, if customers never select your products, your desserts will never get sold. One of the main reasons customers may not be selecting your products, could be due to poor packaging. Here are some creative ways to get your products packaged.

  1. Dessert tubs – You could package your desserts in colourful frozen dessert tubs. If your product is targeted at children, your tubs should be colourful and include a fun character/ cartoon/ animal, that will help kids identify your brand. One the other hand, for a premium product, choose colours such as black, dull gold and silver, which depict luxury. For a value based family dessert, choose light colours to increase the size of your package. Select colours such as white, light pinks/ yellow of blues.

  1. Serving sizes – When selecting your tubs ensure that your serving sizes are adequate for your target market. For example a product marketed to kids, should come in small containers, typically one serving size. Children will usually eat their desserts on the go, therefore offer coloured plastic spoons with your tubs. For a premium dessert brand small tubs are best, as they depict high quality. For a family value dessert, larger size tubs, will highlight the product’s value in terms of cost.

  1. Add on’s – Customers always like to get something more for their money. One great add on is attaching topping packs, that are attached to your tubs. You could also include small toys or keepsake items. For example, a product marketed to children, could offer a frozen yogurt spoon, that is temperature sensitive.


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