Finding the Right Bedding for Children with Sensitive Skin

If you have a child with sensitive skin, you’re probably a seasoned veteran when it comes to battling various rashes and illnesses. However, many parents are stumped when their child suddenly develops sensitive skin due to allergies, chicken pox, or any other number of childhood illnesses. Bed linens can accumulate a variety of irritants and allergens such as dust mites and pollen that can irritate skin over time, even after being washed. There are a variety of solutions and fixes that can help your child get the rest they need without having to miss out on vacations or weekend trips to see Grandma.


Thread Count & Treatments


It’s important to choose sheets that are resilient enough to handle high temperatures, but soft enough to be comfortable at night. Cotton fabrics with a thread count between 200 and 400 are best and can be found in almost every brand and style, from standard solid sheets to luxury bedding sets. Be on the look-out for anything that indicates the sheets have been chemically treated. “Wrinkle-free” treatments sometimes use formaldehyde resin and can be a significant concern for children who are chemically sensitive.


Wrinkles & Fit


Many people laud softness as the key to peaceful sleep, but the fit of your sheets does have an effect. You may feel like you’re turning into your mother, but helping your child learn to keep their fitted sheets flat and neat can reduce risk of rash and soreness. If you travel often, take some time to find out what works best and vacuum seal back-up bedding to use when visiting family or going on vacation.


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