Having a Peacful Holiday with your Kids

Keeping children relaxed and calm during holidays is easier said than done. Here are a few tips to help you:

#1 – Do not overcrowd their schedule. If you feel their activities for the day are too much, cut it out. Try to avoid activities that go on for a long time, as this might not only affect their temperament, but could make them feel uncomfortable.

#2 – Celebrations should have lots of activities. Give your children the chance to choose what activities they want to do with the whole family. Give them enough of time to bake cookies, make presents, cards, decorations, etc.

#3 – Keep them physically active. Ensure that holiday time has lots of time to play. This is one surefire way of getting your child to de-stress, and also to get a good night’s sleep.

#4 – Children should play outdoors whenever possible, as sunlight helps kids to sleep better.

#5 – While vigorous activities must be carried out, it is also important that your kids learn a few relaxation skills. Get creative with it and turn everyday games into delightfully relaxing games for your children. It will help them wind down after a tiring day.

#6 – Some children might not like bedtime due to various fears. Help them overcome it with fun activities. You could get them to draw a picture of what they are scared of. Then you could fold it until it is really small, lock it up in an old box and throw it away.

#7 – Assign a ‘quiet’ time with the whole family, where you can spend a certain part of the evening reading stories, singing or even listening to music.

#8 – Bedtime. Keep to this routine no matter where you are. You must never let any kind of activity affect your children from getting a good night’s rest.