How to Buy Bedding for Boys

Written by: BeddingStyle

Summary: Choosing bedding for boys presents a different kind of challenge than choosing bedding for girls.

Shopping for boys can be either very easy, or almost too difficult. Boys and young men are almost notorious for providing little information on what they actually want. It can be even more difficult when it comes to choosing boys bedding for teenage and adolescent years. Before your young son goes off to school, choose some bedding that will last throughout college.

Colors Matter

Boys tend to like darker or neutral colors, which matches well with sets of Nautica bedding. This brand is heavier, with a modern feel that presents grays and blues tastefully. The darker colors will also help keep your teen warm during the summer months, and the price tag isn’t as high as other brand names. For something durable that contains natural fibers, Nautica is a decent brand.

Weight Affects Temperature

Tommy Bahama bedding tends to have a tropical theme, but it’s lighter fabric too. Some of the sets are linen, which have the highest breathability of all fabrics for bedding. That lightness can also be misleading. Silk, for instance, is a very light fabric that traps body heat well. Be careful when you’re ordering bedding for boys as they may be warm sleepers with a higher body temperature.

Final Thoughts

Heat and durability are probably the two biggest concerns you should have when shopping for boy’s bedding, with brand a distant third. Brand tends to matter, but only insofar as its overall effect on the room. If you have a keen eye for brands, by all means look to match your choices with their styles.

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