How to Help Kids Avoid Sports Injuries

Medical experts report that out of the 3.5 sports related injuries that are treated in children each year, nearly half are preventable. There are some steps parents can take to ensure their children are as well equipped as possible before hitting the playing field or court.

The best way to prevent injury is to make sure the child is wearing properly fitted equipment. Wearing protective gear that fits and is fastened correctly can prevent concussions, breaks, sprains, and stress injuries. It’s also important that they wear the correct shoe for their sport and that it fits well. 

Other typical injuries come from over extension and over exertion. Be sure the child uses the correct form and stance and that when making a repetitive motion that they have plenty of rest in between sets. Injuries such as tennis elbow can be prevented by following these steps.

Another common condition that child athletes are treated for is dehydration. It is critical on the parent and coach’s part to ensure the child maintains hydration for the duration of their practice sessions as well as games. It is important to give fluids before playing as well. Generally, 85 pound children should drink at least five ounces of water every twenty minutes. A 130 pound child should drink at least nine ounces every 20 minutes.

Taking small preventative measures is the best way to maintain the safety and health of child athletes. When an injury does occur, it’s imperative that it be treated right away.