Introducing Healthy Food for Picky Eaters

Article by Jackie Hovsep of Get Your Body Healthy

Healthy food can look disgusting to children, like broccoli and beans. These are types of food that children may be hesitant to eat. Children can be picky eaters and will only eat the things that look delicious. However, kids need to eat the right kind of food to be able to grow strong and have a healthy mind and body. Kids become picky eaters because they have not been exposed to eating healthy. An effective way to prevent kids from being picky eaters is to introduce fruit and vegetables at an early age so they get used to it.

Here are a few tips to introduce healthy eating to your children without them throwing a fit.

  • Introduce it to them in a fun way. Fruits cut in different shapes like stars and heart shapes are more appealing to kids. You can be sure that they will be excited to try new fruits this way.
  • Tell them Cookie Monster and Elmo eats fruits and vegetables too. Sesame Street has been the number 1 educational TV show made for kids. Let your kids watch the episode about Cookie Monster and Elmo talking about eating healthy food and this will definitely make them try out carrots and zucchini’s in no time!
  • Set a good example. Kids will eat whatever you want them to, if you eat it yourself. So show your kid how good vegetables are by trying it out yourself.

 However, if your kids are already picky eaters, then don’t fret. There are a lot of kid friendly recipes online in various parenting websites to help you cook a healthy and nutritious meal your kids will eat and love. These recipes were created to have the nutritional value that kids need to be healthy and strong but also have that aesthetic value so that kids will eat it.