Let kids play so that they get ready for academics

Playing is fundamental to development of young minds and it effectively helps them to learn.  Play prepares young kids for what comes in school starting with the kindergarten.  Here’s how they get ready for the academics.

A child playing with dolls or toys use the language that they hear, they use in their day to day activities, and they pickup from adults.  So, playing help them to reconfirm, role play, creativity and learn.  Child play allows them to express themselves, learn to communicate, show emotions, self-control, and develop spontaneous responses.

So, it is important to allow young children to play as much as possible rather than use technology.  Don’t get me wrong, technology is wonderful, but play allows them to develop creative opportunities more than technology.  Play develops kids to express, relate to one another and develop friends especially when they enter the kindergarten.  That’s why many preschool programs use dramatic play, art, music, and many other activities.

Play is the most effective way to get children ready for kindergarten and academics.  Playing with puzzles, shapes, sounds, and colors is learning through play.  Ask creative question about play to develop their reasoning such as counting and vocabulary.