Obey school speed limit for children safety

Article Written by : Hollywood Heat

Schools are in full session. Motorists navigating around schools and parents who are coming and leaving the schools should pay attention to children more specifically to the posted speed limits. The group known as the Safe Kids Worldwide says that two-thirds of drivers exceeds the posted speed limits 30 minutes before and after the school opening and closing. Here are some safety tips for kid’s sake.


  • Always obey posted speed limits when approaching and leaving a school zone.
  • Distractions are number one reason for accidents. Texting or using a cell phone while driving is more dangerous and some states prohibit these activities altogether, not just in school zones. There are other distractions such as eating, drinking and other activities. We all should avoid all these distractions for sake of our children especially within school zones.
  • Avoid dropping your child at a location where he or she has to cross a street to get to the school.
  • There are rules you need to follow when you are behind a school bus. Stop for loading and unloading of kids from school buses.
  • Driving behind parked cars should get your undivided attention and pay special care for children who are playing on the street.