Teaching children how to respond politely for a gift

Children can be absolutely honest to the point of being rude. However, keep in mind that they are not aware of making such ‘rude’ comments. They simply say what they think and feel. A good example is when a child receives a gift, they are quite likely to say something to the effect of “I already have this” or “This is not what I wanted”. By teaching them and instilling in them a sense of politeness, such ‘rude’ remarks can be prevented.

Perhaps you could try a mock gift-giving session with your child to ascertain what a likely response could be. Try different situations with a range of gifts asking the child what he would say. Trying taking him through possibilities such as getting a gift he already has, getting something he does not like and getting something he really likes. Help him with what he should say and should not. Your child’s comments sometimes can be somewhat embarrassing and sound rude and thoughtless. Remember: do not correct your child in front of others. This can be embarrassing for him. In the case of an impolite comment, take him aside and correct him privately. Point out the error and suggest something he could say to his ‘gift giver’.

After all this, if you child still is not aware that his comments are rude, this could be that you are not training him often enough. With children, once is just not enough. Make an extra effort to carry out constant training about manners and how to react politely in different situations.