Time saving tips for busy moms

Being a mother is a never ending job with more work to do than the hours in the day would permit. This often leaves them feeling exhausted with little chance of getting any proper rest or meals. But a few changes to your daily lifestyle could save you precious time.

Be organized

Plan out a schedule for your family and encourage the family to strictly adhere to it so that everyone knows what has to be done and when. Designate a place where commonly misplaced items such as keys should be kept.

Check the next day’s schedule

Make sure the swimming bag is packed and the hockey clothes are ready and see what errands can be done in one trip.

Menu plan

Plan out the menu for the week and do the grocery shopping accordingly to spare time in the evening planning out what to cook and dashing to the supermarket for ingredients.

Prepare the clothes the night before

Sort and iron the clothes to be worn the next day, you will not have to turn the house upside down in the morning looking for lost socks!

Pre pack school snacks

Pack the school snacks for the week and store in the fridge.