Tips For Parents Of Young Children

Tips to Help Children Who Are Teething
A baby will usually start teething anywhere between three months and eighteen months old. These are just some of the symptoms to watch for: running a slight temperature, excessive drooling, gums appear slightly discolored, a constant need to rub the gums. This is a stressful time for the child and the parent. Here are some of the things you can do to help yourself and your child through this time. A fever reducer for infants can be used to help with any fever. Put a wet wash cloth in your freezer overnight. In the morning add some water to the washcloth and give it to the child. The cold wash cloth will feel good on the gums and help with the excessive drooling. A pain reliving swab for the child’s gums and a gentle gum massage will also help provide temporary relief. Always consult the child’s Pediatrician for any questions or problems.

Tips For Child-Proofing Your Home
There are many products available to the consumer for child-proofing your home. Here are just a few items you may want to consider using: Safety latches and locks for your cabinet doors, Corner and edge bumper guards for your furniture, Outlet covers and plates for the electrical outlets in your home, Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on every floor of your home to alert you to any fire or carbon monoxide poisoning, A safety gate to help prevent a child from falling down stairs.