Types of Child Abuse

With child abuse statistics telling us that the numbers are not only on the rise in the United States but also around the world, there is no doubt that children who undergo this unjust punishment are often scarred for life, and in some cases, carry these experiences with them into late adulthood.
Prevent Child Abuse

In order to prevent this from happening, you must be able to identify the common types of child abuse that occurs, and so here is a list of the types of child abuse:

#1: Emotional

This is observable behavior where there is no instance of parental affection but instead humiliation, and the belittling of a child. Of course, there is no encouragement from their parents in this situation. Children also get the silent treatment or even have to suffer verbal abuse.

#2: Sexual

This is the worst kind of treatment that a child can go through, and what makes this kind of behavior lethal is the fact that it is mostly hidden. It is not just about sexual intercourse but can also affect the child due to the fact that the child has to undergo indecent exposure as well as fondling as well.

#3: Physical

This kind of abuse is the one that gets noticed most, and manifests itself in the form of physical trauma. The swelling and inflammation of muscles, bleeding and fractures are all common results of physical abuse.

#4: Neglect

As a parent, it is their duty to take care of the child’s basic requirements such as hygiene, clothing, food and shelter, and in not doing so, this is considered as neglect on the part of the parents.