What to look for when searching for a preschool

Looking for a preschool that fits your child’s needs is a daunting task. Your child’s safety, qualities of the program, fees, attention to your child’s needs, curriculum and many other concerns take the center stage when looking for a preschool for your child. Here we are attempting to breakdown some of the concerns parents expressed when searching for a preschool.

Class size and teacher/student ratio: In California, child care regulations require a qualified teacher for each 12 kids between the ages of two to five for preschools. But many preschools have their ratio much less than what the regulations call for. Not just the ratio, pay attention to age group in a class. It is more important to keep two year olds in a separate class from four year olds.

Curriculum: There are Montessori schools as well as preschools. Montessori schools follow the method developed by Maria Montessori for child development. Some consider the method as more rigid and prefer preschools that are more geared for play and care. Look for age appropriate program.

Teacher training: In California, preschool teachers should possess minimum of 12 credit units in child care. Montessori teachers should have certification after following a recognized program.