Why Exercise Is Important For Children

Today, it is becoming more common to see young children extremely overweight. It wasn’t too long ago that children used to spend most of their free time outdoors. In any neighborhood, on any street, you would see groups of kids running, playing, skating, or riding bikes. This is no longer a common site. With the advancement of technology, and parents becoming more concerned about their children’s safety, kids are now staying indoors more than ever. Video games, computers, and a number of options in movies and television have children of all ages spending all of their free time inside sitting instead of outside moving.

Aside from technology, many children are growing up in a household with two working parents. This is much more common than it used to be. With the expense of raising a family there is often no other option. This usually means less home cooked meals and more fast food and take-out. Exhausted parents spend less time in the kitchen, which gives children poor eating habits from the start. A combination of poor eating habits and no exercise is creating a nation of overweight and unhealthy children. These health problems can turn into something more serious as time goes on.

There are a few different ways that you can go about ensuring your children get out of the house and get plenty of exercise. If your kids live in a two-working parent home, look to after-school programs that are held on playgrounds to start. This will have your child outside, getting exercise, under close supervision. Consider signing them up for extra-curricular activities like dance, swimming, or community little league. If you are unable to take your child to these events, it is more than likely you can find another parent or friend to take them. Organized sports on a commercial playground are a great way get your child healthy and build their self-esteem.

It is important to the overall health of your child that you enforce some physical activity. If you can get your child to do something they enjoy, it will be both fun and good for their health. Limit their time in front of the TV and computer. Give them rules for how many hours a day they are allowed to use each. Get involved on your weekends off. Make plans for a family bike ride or a day at the park. This is a great way to show your children by example, how important physical activity can be.

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