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How to Control What Your Kids Wear

Are your children fussy about what they wear to school? Is every morning a constant argument about what they wear? Perhaps your preschooler does not want you to pick his clothes for school and wants to pick them himself? This can be very stressful, especially if it happens every single day. Now is the time […]

Before Your Child’s First Day

Article Written by : Beauty Book Love First day jitters are normal and must be expected for children who are being initiated into a weekly routine at a day care center. As a parent, you must do what you can to prepare your child for this day. Start by having a little chat with your […]

Developmentally Approriate Care: What Does it Mean?

Childcare professionals use the term ‘developmentally appropriate care’ quite frequently. The term referred to 360° childcare considers development on many levels including social, emotional, physical and intellectual. Caring for children in a uniform manner is not sufficient. Guidelines on how to best take care of a child do exist, as do those that refer to […]