How to Control What Your Kids Wear

Are your children fussy about what they wear to school? Is every morning a constant argument about what they wear? Perhaps your preschooler does not want you to pick his clothes for school and wants to pick them himself? This can be very stressful, especially if it happens every single day.

Now is the time to put a stop to it. Not only does it stress you out, but also your children. Eliminating this issue will not only keep your mornings stress free but also help your children understand that they are not mature enough to make such decisions.

First, re-organize your child’s cupboard and ensure that t-shirts, shoes, jeans, and other accessories are easily accessible. Next, start a routine and make sure you stick to it. Do not even consider letting your child make clothing decisions as it is just not a good plan. Choose your kid’s clothes the night before and do not change your mind the next morning. Keep everything ready for the next morning, all ironed and wrinkle-free.
If getting your child dressed is another difficult task, perhaps you can tell them that they can have some ‘play’ time if they get dressed on time every morning. This should be initiative enough to get them to stick to your schedule.

This is the opportunity for you to exercise your control as a parent. If you do and your child respects that, then things will get much easier around the house. You can keep making choices concerning your child’s clothing until you think they are old enough to make them on their own.
You can occasionally let your child perhaps wear her favorite pink T-shirt on Monday, but instill in him/her that the final decision is always yours. This is also a great way to teach them to color coordinate and match accessories as well.