Before Your Child’s First Day

Article Written by : Beauty Book Love

First day jitters are normal and must be expected for children who are being initiated into a weekly routine at a day care center. As a parent, you must do what you can to prepare your child for this day. Start by having a little chat with your child about what it is going to be like at the daycare center. Do not worry, if your child is a little toddler, clear explanations can be understood. All the while, maintain a happy and positive tone in your voice, which will convey to your child that the change will be a good one.

Explain to your child, which days of the week will include him being in childcare. You could even use a calendar to show him the days you work, which would then be the days he would be at the day care center.
Try reading or watching programs about childcare. You might be able to find one that explains what a day at a childcare center is like, while others also address children’s feelings about being away from home and their parents.

Remember, that you also must be prepared. It is important that you choose a good childcare center for your son or daughter. Meet the workers there and ensure that they will treat your child well and be attentive to their needs.

Before your child’s first day at the childcare center, here are a few things you should do:

-Visit the childcare center with your child. Give him a little tour of the place.

-Show him where the other children eat, take a nap and play.

-Give him some time with his childcare provider. You could also invite him/her home so your child can get to know him/her.

-Another method of acclimatizing your child to the change would be to invite one of the children at the childcare center for a ‘play’ session with your child. This way, the first day will not be so bad.