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Pearl Baby Bracelets

While furniture, clothes and diapers are always good gift items for a newborn, nothing welcomes a new arrival like jewelry. Gold and silver jewelry, such as customized silver and pearl baby bracelets, are heirloom items that make great gifts for a friend or family member’s new baby. Savannah’s Treasures, a leading designer of hand-made baby […]

Playgroup Activity Ideas

Playgroups are a great way for toddlers to play with other kids their same age, while being supervised by teachers. Playgroups are also fantastic for parents, as it gives them some time to meet other parents with kids around the same age, while also giving them a well-earned break from chores around the house. Playgroup […]

Flashy Fruits for Kids

If your kids turn up their noses at fruit – then just make them look flashy and watch them gobble it up! A team of Dutch researchers looked into methods of improving the consumption of fruit in 94 children aged between 4-7 years old. When the fruit looked great, then kids ate as much as […]