Playgroup Activity Ideas

Playgroups are a great way for toddlers to play with other kids their same age, while being supervised by teachers. Playgroups are also fantastic for parents, as it gives them some time to meet other parents with kids around the same age, while also giving them a well-earned break from chores around the house.

Playgroup activities must be creative, and variety is key to its success. When deciding on the type of activity, take into consideration the children’s age and ensure that it is safe as well as a lot of fun. Here are a few ideas:

Dressing up – this is lots of fun. You can base it on a certain book, movie, cartoon or letter of the alphabet. This is a great activity as it encourages your child to be more creative. E.g.: If the letter of the day is N – then each child dresses up in something that starts with that letter.

Theme – this is easy to incorporate into a variety of activities. First, carefully consider the amount of time available as well as resources. If it is an animal theme, then you can play games about the sounds animals make, pretend to be different animals, make masks and so on.

Field trip – this is a bit more expensive, but is great for the kids. A trip to an amusement park, the zoo or even a supermarket will do. These trips help children to widen their horizons, giving them the kind of learning they will not get in a typical classroom.