Flashy Fruits for Kids

If your kids turn up their noses at fruit – then just make them look flashy and watch them gobble it up!

A team of Dutch researchers looked into methods of improving the consumption of fruit in 94 children aged between 4-7 years old. When the fruit looked great, then kids ate as much as twofold of the fruit, when compared to it being served up in the usual, boring manner.

Colourful grapes, apples and strawberries were skewered and then placed on a watermelon – while the ‘boring’ serving style consisted of fruit, still skewered but laid out on a plate.

Contrary to popular belief, the study uncovered absolutely no evidence to prove that prohibiting children from consuming fruit makes them want to eat even more, unlike the case with sweets.

The kids were probably aware that the fruit would taste the same, but preferred to eat the fruit that was arranged in a more visually pleasing manner said one researcher. Another said that they probably opted for that option because it seemed more fun, and had nothing to do with the taste.
The researchers also wrote that based on this study, supermarkets, schools and parents should consider opting for more visually pleasing presentations of fruit and vegetables which are generally snubbed by most kids.

The study also does not indicate that a particular presentation would, over time, hold the interest of the kids. This only means that parents should continue to be innovative each time, and this could help boost fruit consumption in kids. The recommended intake of fruit for kids is 1-2 cups a day, as per the US Department of Agriculture.