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Instant Bed Fix

Written by Stephanie Lichtenstein Ramos Do you want to style your room without having to go through the trouble of totally redecorating the place? Painting the walls might be a possible option but it might require a lot from you, especially financially. If you are looking for a sure-fire way to revamp your room without […]

Dealing with toddlers

We parents experienced or heard about “terrible twos.” Each experience with their toddler is different. People who experienced it have different advice. Understanding basics of toddler behavior may help to deal with it. Here’s some we heard: Understanding toddler behavior is important in dealing with “terrible twos.” At this stage of their growing up, they […]

Why ice cream, yogurt and gelato captured the hearts and minds of kids

Written by Gelato Products When you were younger, you can’t help but feel excited whenever your parents take you out for ice cream. Even the thought of ice cream spoons and ice cream shop supplies makes mouths water with the delight of getting your fix really soon. Whether you’re a plain vanilla person, or if […]