Dealing with toddlers

We parents experienced or heard about “terrible twos.” Each experience with their toddler is different. People who experienced it have different advice. Understanding basics of toddler behavior may help to deal with it. Here’s some we heard:

  • Understanding toddler behavior is important in dealing with “terrible twos.” At this stage of their growing up, they are rebelling to explore the home, manipulate tools, and become independent.
  • Engaging your toddler directly is important at this stage. Before you give directions, you need to establish eye contact not your supreme authority.
  • Put yourself in their shoes. Try avoiding discipline; instead become a toddler once again to better deal with your toddler.
  • How to get your toddler to learn to think before act? Try “show and tell.” This builds up cause and effect relationship in toddlers mind. When they get hurt, try empathy and show how to take care of it and the toddler will learn and do the same for others.
  • Toddlers get your attention by screaming out their lungs. This is one area you can set rules and make them adhere to it. No screaming inside the house and only allowed it outside. When they are about to scream, escort them to outside. Gentle discipline will control terrible screams in their tracks.