Why ice cream, yogurt and gelato captured the hearts and minds of kids

Written by Gelato Products

When you were younger, you can’t help but feel excited whenever your parents take you out for ice cream. Even the thought of ice cream spoons and ice cream shop supplies makes mouths water with the delight of getting your fix really soon. Whether you’re a plain vanilla person, or if you’re adventurous enough to try out new flavors, there really is nothing like ice cream that can cheer up a sad kid or to put a cherry on top of a very good day. Children, as every parent knows, are suckers for sugar. And with ice cream, their sugar fix also comes as a delight to the senses since it’s cold, smooth, and very tasty as well. Ice cream is a go to treat for kids all over the world, and it’s precisely because it’s so tasty and so good to eat! Perhaps it’s also due to parents that children love ice cream. Children, just like any other person, love to associates memories with objects. Children feel good when they eat ice cream because we feed them ice cream as a reward for doing something good or to get them out of a funk. Why we do this is also due to the fact that our own parents did this to us back in the day as well. If you think about it, children are even luckier these days because they can have flavors that we couldn’t even dream of when we were younger. But of course, make sure they don’t eat too much.

Ice cream cups need to be recyclable but strong enough to make it feel sturdy. Customers don’t want to be holding cups that are soggy and soft.