Addressing grade problems with your kids

Parents can easily detect when their kids are struggling in school. Besides mom’s basic instinct, there are telltale signs all over the place. If your children are struggling with school work and bringing home bad grades, do not panic. Here are some guidelines to address the issue.

  • Take immediate action. Delaying will exacerbate the problem and the child may lose confidence. Longer you wait it is harder to turn around bad grades. A quick turnaround time will help you to get his/her grades back on target sooner.
  • One-on-one help may be a better solution than enrolling your kid in a group. Instead of general tutor, find the subject specific tutor that you and your kid can agree on.
  • Premature termination of extra help may harm the kid. It takes approximately three hours a day for two months to bring one lousy grade to a decent level. So, continue help until all parties feel confident.
  • Most kids get behind because their underlying skill levels are not in par with the class level. Understanding where the problem lies is more important in finding a solution. Sometimes teachers should share the blame too. Once you understand the issue, contact and discuss the issue with all involved.